if you are missing an exam, or work due to an absence (only EXCUSED ABSENCES), you MUST see me by Monday January 7th in order to figure out a date and time to make up/submit the work to me. I will not be accepting nor giving make up exams/quizzes are January 11th.

See you soon!!!


This week we will be working on writing editorials, and letters to editors. be ready!


You still have time to bring in wishlist stuff!!!!


Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.

A few reminders:


WISHLIST: 12/4 Tuesday

If you are having trouble figuring out what I need, here are a few ideas: Spanish-English dictionary, thesaurus, english dictionary, clear tape, plastic bins, trays, and anything you think the class could use, even “cute” stuff.

My dear students, I hope you remember that the INSPIRATION BOARD is for you guys, keep bringing stuff in!!!! lets fill it up!

your QUIZ on 2.6 and 2.7 from the springboard pages you ripped out this week is on:




your HL is also due on these days! The HL pages I will be collected are as follows:

“FACEBOOK” article Pages 128-130, notes written on margins, focusing on bias, including analysis.

“ABOLISH” article Pages 136-137, notes written on margins, focused on labeling, rhetorical vocabulary, etc, including analysis.

Page 138 SMELL CHART, completed!!!

all work must be submitted in PEN, with your name, date, and period on it.


I have graded your previous HL from this week, some of you did not put your names on the work and so cannot receive a grade for it.

The remaining grades, including your embedded assessments, should be up by this week. fingers crossed.


Have a superb weekend, and study, study, study!!!!

the news!

Hello my dear students,


I hope everyone had a beautiful thanksgiving. I’ve had a very difficult weekend and I will update you all tomorrow, Monday, November 26th.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get to a computer up until now.

Please come in to class tomorrow ready to discuss the HL assigned to you last week. You should have viewed  and taken notes on three different News Sources including, but not limited to, newspaper, television, internet, blogs, radio, etc.

This week we will be advancing rather quickly through the next few activities and must cover as much as possible.

I am sorry but due to the unfortunate events of this weekend, I was unable to grade all of your past work. If you, or your parents, have any concerns about your current grades, please feel free to Email me.

I will be working on your grades (as much as I can) during the course of the day, and throughout this week.

Please bare with me.

Also, I will be updating my wish list shortly…

Have a beautiful day and see you soon.

EA 2!

Hello all,


Embedded Assessment Essays are due Wednesday November 14th

Test grade: Essay portion, argumentative essay. (everything we talked about in class).

If you have any questions or concerns, Email me as soon as possible.

Good luck and have a fantastic three day weekend!!!



here are some websites that may assist you throughout your essay.

transitional words-http://www.studygs.net/wrtstr6.htm

springboard online (this will help for those of you that did not rip out pages of springboard for sources)-http://static.dpsk12.org/gems/montbello/FullUnitStudent.pdf


Journals are to be presented in class on Wednesday November 7th!!! Don’t forget!

They can be composition notebooks or nice ones from B&N or where ever.

This week we will wrap up 1.15 and begin our second embedded assessments!!!



Hope you had a great weekend!


Don’t forget tomorrow I will be checking that all of you bring your surveys for the embedded assessment completed! It will be a CW grade for the day, you will be working with your partners in class tomorrow.

Embedded Assessment 1 due: October 22, 2012 MONDAY

-DATA ANALYSIS AND PRESENTATION (typed-page 79-80): Test Grade

-ESSAY (typed- page 81, part 10a-d): Test Grade

See you tomorrow!!!